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About ATS, Inc.

Maximizing Your Maintenance Management

For many industries, technology seems to be moving faster than the speed of light.  And in the world of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), these advancements are coming quicker than any staff could possibly manage.  But whether your maintenance management program is older than the industrial age, or the latest out on the market, ATS Inc. (Auten Technical Services) has the expertise to help you maximize your operations to the fullest.

While technological changes continue to flourish in the field of CMMS, one thing has remained constant over the years-maintenance continues to be the second largest cost area to the industry.  ATS, however, can help you reduce maintenance costs and improve overall company productivity by working with you and your staff to effectively implement or provide technical support for your plant's new or existing maintenance management program.

Today's Expertise...Based on Years of Experience

More than likely, your department has the experience necessary to bring your maintenance management operations up to par.  But those staffing resources may already be stretched to the limit.  We at ATS have the engineers, maintenance managers, and computer experts who've earned their experience the hard way, by working at manufacturing facilities for decades.  Rarely can an industry have such a seasoned group of maintenance veterans who know how equipment maintenance and operations can interact with one another to get results you need in a time-frame based on your production schedule.  More importantly, our experts have experience with dozens of maintenance management programs and have already developed solutions to common maintenance problems.  We at ATS know what works and can customize your current data to grow with the needs of your plant.

Matching Your Needs...And Meeting Deadlines in the Process

Whether you need a full-fledged overhaul of your maintenance management program, or simply a few updates to current operations, ATS can get the job done.  Regardless of the size of your organization, or whether your project is short or long term, we offer a variety of services, individually or as a package option.  And we can quickly send the right team of experts to tackle the problem at hand. 

ATS has been in business since 1984, nearly as long as the existence of maintenance management programs themselves.  Over the years we've forged long-lasting relationships with some of the leading manufacturing industries.  And we've maintained these relationships with consistent, reliable service.  We stand by our work and are committed to making your system fully operational.

Timing is everything...Call us today!

Industry estimates that over fifty percent of maintenance management plans fail due to lack of commitment, planning and funds for implementation and support services.  An experienced technical firm like ATS, however, can bring your operations up faster, expend fewer dollars and ensure that your system is utilized to its fullest capabilities.

ATS has both the experience and the time to help you keep your maintenance programs running at peak performance.

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